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Creating Elegance: Handcrafted Ceiling Lights

11 March 2024
Project Inspiration

At Gabriel Scott, our lighting and furniture collections are hand crafted to blend craftsmanship and artistry.

In this blog post, we invite you to explore the heart of our brand and DNA. We use time-honored techniques for our blown glass lighting and glass light fixtures. As well adopt a meticulous attention to detail in the use of all our materials.

Craftsmanship Redefined

Craftmanship is central to our mission. To us, craftsmanship is not a mere process, it's a philosophy, breathing life into every lighting fixture we create. Our dedicated artisans invest weeks and days into each piece, instilling a profound sense of quality and intricate detail.

Explore our collection of curated designer lighting, featuring a spectrum of glass light fixtures, blown glass lighting, ceiling lights, luxury ceiling lights, designer wall lights, and designer pendant lights.

This commitment to excellence throughout our production process is about ensuring any Gabriel Scott creations transcends the ordinary. We want our collections to be both useful and treasured as works of art. Our pieces illuminate but also captivate.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

At the core of our process lies an unwavering commitment to detail. From the types of metal clasps used, to the intricacies of prong connections and bracket detailing, every detail counts. We create designer lights with care, combining components to make elegant and sophisticated fixtures that shine beautifully.

Seamless Harmony in Design

The magic of Gabriel Scott unfolds in the seamless harmony of our designs. Every finished product surpasses the sum of its parts. Whether it includes blown glass lighting, a choice of LED bulbs used within the designer pendant lights, or vegan leather for the barstools. Every single element is a conscious decision that supports our mission and goal to supply only the best materials.

Working in partnership with interior designers has equipped us with a deep understanding of the art. Our founder Scott Richler is a trained Architect himself, and dedication to perfection runs deep in our veins. Every lighting fixture must not only illuminates but also elevate the aesthetic of any space it graces.

Creative Control and Customization

Crafting lighting fixtures by hand grants us total creative control over the production process. Our lighting fixtures are designed to allow easy customization, making it one of their main benefits. We collaborate with interior designers, architects and end user clients on projects. Our goal is to understand their dream and vision, allowing us to seamlessly develop something unique to their requirements.

This unique advantage makes customization a simple and integral aspect of Gabriel Scott's brand identity. People know the Gabriel Scott brand for its customization used in various ways.

Some designers prefer using our four-step fee-based service. This service helps them develop an idea for lighting styles from concept to prototype. After this stage, Gabriel Scott oversees the manufacturing process. Other designers have specified a budget and a concept for the studio to work to.

The other type of project, is working directly with design studios on lighting options. We can create a special collection of products for them to use in their projects. This will help maintain a consistent brand look across multiple projects or during development.

You can customize our standard collections to fit different sizes and layouts in various areas of your home. This includes the living room, kitchen island, hallway, and dining room. Or design a range of fully bespoke products. Our artisans relish the opportunity to create tailor-made pieces that satisfy a unique vision.

A Glimpse into Our Collection

Gabriel Scott occupies a niche space as a luxury artisan brand. Our collections elevate interior design spaces with handcrafted lighting fixtures, whether ambient lighting, task lighting or general light.

But further to that, each piece has a story and narrates a story of dedication, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Jewelry design has long served as a source of inspiration. A central belief of Gabriel Scott being that the piece should be functional as well as beautiful.

Whether it is our blown glass lighting, designer pendant lights or pendant light fixtures. Our collections always seamlessly combine meticulous craftsmanship with timeless elegance.

Discover some of our recent projects where the fusion of art and functionality, elevates the spaces they inhibit. Every piece stands as a testament to the perfected art of lighting by hand. Illuminate your surroundings with the timeless elegance of Gabriel Scott.

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