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A Buying Guide to High End Chandelier Lighting

07 August 2023
Project Inspiration

In the second of our Guide to Lighting series, we explore chandelier lighting, the history of these light fixtures and how they can be used in both home and hospitality interior design.

So what is a chandelier? In essence a chandelier is a light fixture usually suspended from the ceiling with a variety of arms or branches that hold light bulbs or traditionally candles.

The History of Chandelier Lighting

Chandeliers were a development of the candelabra, first invented in Europe during the medieval period. Used in buildings such as churches, castles and palaces, they were wooden structures adored with high quality candles and hung by rope over a beam, enabling them to be moved up and down in order to adjust the light. Often seen as a status symbol for their decorative features, the rope adjustments meant these pieces could be moved from room to room.

Over time these light fixtures have become more and more ornate, representing wealth and grandeur up until about the 15th century. Throughout the 18th Century, glassmaking became more popular and led to the development of crystal chandeliers.

Modern chandeliers have presented an opportunity for people to incorporate both functionality and art, creating sculptural pieces that offer the owner more than just functionality within the home or hospitality space.

Modern chandelier lighting

A key development of modern chandelier lighting is the V&A Rotunda, a sculptural central chandelier in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, erected in 1999. Dropping to 8.2m from the stem, this chandelier is equally a piece of art and a light source.

Similarly to 18th century chandeliers, modern chandeliers strongly feature glass; incorporating different glass blowing techniques, shapes, colors and styles to an exciting array of shapes and sizes. Modern chandeliers also utilize a wide variety of different materials, colors and shapes to create modern art-like light fixtures. In this move away from traditions, access to new materials has enabled modern chandeliers to flourish, with plastics, resins, colored and textured glass, fabric, wood and recycled materials contributing to the variety of luxury light fixtures available to adorn luxury homes and hospitality environments.

It’s also interesting to comment on the introduction of LEDs in modern lighting design, the ability to use a longer lasting, more reliable and energy efficient lighting component has contributed to the design progression of the modern chandelier. Read more about how Gabriel Scott incorporates the LED into their lighting fixtures.

Chandelier lighting in modern interior design

Contemporary chandelier lighting is now a go-to statement piece for modern luxury interior design. With any lighting design handmade to order by artisans now easily customizable, the options and opportunities are truly endless. Doubling up as sculptural art form and function, chandeliers are often the piece where clients want to add a piece of their personality. Whether that be incorporating interesting colors, textures or using unique materials, modern lighting design can be explored as far as you want to take it.

Material exploration continues to be a popular evolution within modern chandelier design. Gabriel Scott’s signature materials have been developed over years of product development, with warming metals and mouth-blown glass in a variety of colors and textures core to the Gabriel Scott aesthetic. Gabriel Scott’s newest collection, Welles Reimagined, includes innovative new materials such as POLiROCK, a natural looking material made from recycled materials used in Guan Lee’s reinterpretation of the Welles, and porcelain used to create the Welles sculptural heads in Kelly Hoppen’s Welles Reimagined capsule collection.

Customization is at the core of what we do. Our lighting series is handmade to order and is easily customizable, be that size, shape or glass color and texture. Alternatively, we also offer a completely bespoke lighting and furniture design service to help bring your ideas to life.

What are our most popular styles of Chandelier?

Arguably Gabriel Scott’s most iconic modular lighting fixture, the Welles Chandelier is still our best seller. The Welles Series is available in steel, glass and textured glass with a choice of our signature metal finishes - satin brass, satin bronze, satin copper, satin nickel and black steel. The Welles has also been reimagined into a collaborative collection (Welles Reimagined) with six international designers and architects. Nicole Fuller Interiors recently created a custom chandelier using cascading double-blown pendants to hang over this dining space.

N Fuller S23 355
Gabriel Scott July 2022 5 1

The Kelly series has seen recent popularity in spaces such as the bathroom or bedroom, with designers such as K Interiors customizing a pair of Kelly Chandeliers to create symmetry in this bedroom design. Read our case study on K Interiors. And Amelia Carter’s use of the Kelly creates a beautifully serene atmosphere in this London apartment.

K Interiors thumb
Amelia Carter Interiors Kelly Chandelier 1

Our highly customizable Harlow Lighting Series features a variety of chandeliers in different styles and sizes and has been specified throughout luxury home and hospitality spaces. The Harlow and Harlow Spoke chandeliers were recently used for three projects by renowned Australian interior designer Greg Natale (read our interview with Greg).

Greg Natale Mosman 04
Greg Natale Kyle Bay 11

The Myriad’s nature inspired arms create impact in any design space, with examples such as Elizabeth Bolognino open-plan dining space, featuring the briolette pendant in the background.

Jennifer Welch embraces the outside this beautiful seaside property using the Myriad chandelier inside this open plan living room.

Myriad 12 Chandelier Designer Elizabeth Bolognino Photographer Adam Kane Maccia
MYRIAD Jennifer Welch Designs 1

The Luna chandelier is hugely popular due to the variety of beads and color variations available, with some customers even purchasing multiple sets of beads which can be swapped out to suit different seasons. This dining space by Fam Designs utilizes the three tier chandelier as a centerpiece in this beautiful design.

The Luna Kaleido one tier chandelier, option C, seen here in the penthouse of The Broadway by Minotti London featuring the Dorado Glass bead.

LUNA Chandelier Famdesign Frederique Cloutier photography2
LUNA Chandelier Famdesign Frederique Cloutier photography4
The broadway 3

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