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The latest contemporary light fixture trends for luxury kitchen design

15 September 2023

When it comes to the contemporary kitchen ideas, lighting is no longer an afterthought and the demand is greater than ever for well-planned, stylish contemporary light fixtures to be decorative focal points as part of the interior design. Our latest blog explores the current trends in kitchen lighting, and what types of contemporary light fixtures are popular with our clients right now.

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Kitchen lighting is certainly no longer an afterthought – what is the current demand for well-planned, stylish kitchen lighting? Is it a growth area of your business. If so, why?

Whether it be a sculptural chandelier or a series of cascading pendant lights, beautiful statement lighting for kitchen spaces remains a popular request from our clients. The obvious and most consistent request is for exquisite pendant lighting for over breakfast counters or dining tables within the kitchen area. Elegantly coloured glass that is available in interesting shapes and textures are increasingly in demand.

Lighting is the decoration needed to make a kitchen feel warm, inviting and luxurious, and we design lighting products that create maximum impact by using materials and finishes that complement the rest of the design aesthetic. Warming metal tones and the soft illumination exuding from blown glass are naturally popular choices, and we are seeing greater demand for wanting to add personal and bespoke touches with our clients opting for various textures, colours and shapes when selecting glass finishes.

The Luna Pendant seen in this project by Jennifer Welch Designs.

What design trends are you witnessing for the kitchen lighting sector?
We are receiving increasingly more requests for decorative chandeliers above the breakfast bar that not only are beautiful and functional but also act as sculptural art pieces. Lighting is the perfect way to connect the overall design aesthetic, therefore, using interesting colours or sculptural shapes is an effective way to help align the rest of the kitchen environment.

Secondly, our clients are becoming more curious about the materials we use and the making process. They’re specifically wanting longevity from the products they specify and therefore wanting to know what materials we use, the craftsmanship behind the process, as well as where our materials come from.

Lastly, we have seen a massive spike in requests for porcelain, which is very interesting. There's something about the beautiful ornate nature of white clay that is very appealing to our clients. We launched a new porcelain lighting fixture in 2022, and this has spurred many conversations on how we can customise the standard porcelain finish for their specific projects. From wanting matte to glazed porcelain to something that resembles dinosaur fossils, we’ve heard it all!

The Harlow Small Pendant seen in this project by Abby Leigh Design.

What can we expect next for kitchen lighting – have you witnessed any exciting developments that will filter down to the mainstream market?

The demand for custom design is certainly on the increase. Whether wanting to make adaptations to Gabriel Scott’s standard collection or wanting something completely bespoke, this is now a normal everyday request we receive from the majority of our interior design and architect clients we work with, which we’re happy to accommodate. People now want tailored, customised design as standard, and so they should when designing luxury environments.

The Luna A Disc Sconce in satin brass features in this contemporary kitchen design.

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