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Case Study: K Interiors

06 June 2023

K Interiors is an award-winning design studio by Kristen Peña. Based in San Francisco, K Interiors specialise in detailed client connection to create spaces that support their environment.

Travel has always been a big part of interior designer Kristen Peña’s life and plays a large part in what informs her design work. As a child, the Syracuse native longed for a colorful, creative life beyond the borders of her hometown. Study abroad schooled her in European elegance and proportions; her relocation to San Francisco encouraged her playful sense of color; and trips to south east Asia, Morocco and Africa cultivated a love of pattern and texture.

Continuing to find inspiration from markets and makers she discovers abroad, her projects also reflect her profound understanding of how people live. She listens to her client’s dreams for their future and imbues their homes with the joy that will support them on their journey.

K Interiors, an award-winning design studio which has been recognized in AD, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Real Simple, Rue, WSJ, California Home + Design, SF Chronicle, among others and was awarded participation in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in 2017, 2019 and 2020.

We caught up with Kristen Peña to discuss her latest project in San Francisco - the Primary Suite in the San Francisco Showcase House.


What was the project objective?

The goal of the room was to feel relaxing but also sensual. Every item that was selected was done so with intent to create a feeling. We specified two Kelly Chandeliers to take this beautiful ethereal comfortable space to a sexier environment. Due to the Kelly’s jewelry-like elements, we considered very few other fixtures as this one portrayed that feeling so perfectly.

What Gabriel Scott items did you specify for this project & why

We specified two Kelly Chandeliers in satin brass as pendants on either side of the bed of the primary suite. We were looking for fixtures that had a larger but lighter footprint that also added a layer of femininity to the space - the Kelly was the perfect fit!

How did you customize these pieces to work with the project?

Customization is very important in high-end projects because the expectation is perfection or as close to it as we humans can achieve. Due to us wanting to use two Kelly pendants, we needed them to be a little smaller to fit with the overall proportions of the room. We therefore specified custom chandeliers that were scaled down from the standard size so they aligned with other elements within the room, such as the bed and nightstands.

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5 6 21 K Interiors Miramar7251 Edit Lightson

What do you look for in furniture when specifying for a project?

We strive to create spaces that evoke a strong feeling. In this space we wanted to create a calm, cozy yet sexy room that brought the feeling of the foggy outside into the room to cocoon and restore the occupants. Everything had to feel luxe, soft and nurturing while sophisticated and dripping with elegance.

How do you use lighting to elevate the spaces you design?

Lighting has the luxury of being like art, it can set the tone and make you feel a certain way. The Kelly Chandelier evokes the feeling of beauty and sensuality in the space, which therefore made it the perfect piece to elevate this Primary Suite.


Designer: Kristen Peña, principal, K Interiors /

Photographer: Brad Knipstein and Bess Friday

Project: San Francisco Showcase Primary Suite

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