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The Evolution of the Welles: In conversation with Scott Richler

19 September 2022

Scott Richler, Founder and CEO of Gabriel Scott, discusses how the Welles was first created and the aim behind the design, to create a lighting fixture that grows organically, providing interior designers and architects with a design that can be built upon or paired back in order to suit any space.

The Welles concept is integral to our design philosophy at Gabriel Scott, to create lighting that is modular and customisable. First created five years ago as a steel fixture, the Welles has evolved into double blown glass and textured glass options, varying from chandeliers to wall sconces.

Inspired by jewellery, the Welles is a true representation of Gabriel Scott’s design philosophy - to design and make modular products to custom specifications. The modern piece showcases expert craftsmanship: a series of hollowed polygons branch out into a modular system of interconnected configurations creating a stunning optical illusion. With its endless possibilities, the Welles floats in the air emitting a cloud of soft light through its multifaceted, sculpturally innovative silhouette. Discover the Welles series here.

To celebrate Gabriel Scott’s 10 year anniversary and the Welles 5 year anniversary, founder Scott Richler commissioned six inspirational designers and architects to reimagine the Welles design.

The six top international designers have revisited the Welles and added their own interpretations to its design. Each piece is in keeping with Gabriel Scott’s core design principles: versatile aesthetic, customisable and timeless. To ensure differentiation between each studio’s design, Gabriel Scott provided a specific brief which offered advice on design direction as well as technical execution to ensure that each piece is a workable and buildable product.

Welles Reimagined envisions the next evolution in the iconic Welles design with six completely reimagined concepts, based on the Welles modularity. This next evolution will be officially launched into Gabriel Scott’s collection on Monday 3rd October, along with new interpretations of the original designs. Discover the Welles Reimagined collection here.

Keep an eye out for the launch and join us at our launch party on the Monday 3rd October, from 18:00, at our London Showroom. To register your interest, please email

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