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Welles Reimagined collection available to pre order

20 June 2022
Company news

To celebrate Gabriel Scott's 10 year anniversary, six top international designers have revisited the Welles Chandelier and added their own interpretations to its design, which are all now available to pre order.

Following the successful presentation of the six lighting fixtures for Gabriel Scott's Floating Ideas presentation during Milan Design Week, the Welles Reimagined collection is available to order as seen in Milan on a 20-week lead time.

The new lighting fixtures have been designed in collaboration with David Rockwell, Kelly Hoppen, Michelle Gerson, Alessandro Munge and Sybille de Margerie. Each piece is in keeping with Gabriel Scott’s core design principles: versatile aesthetic, customisable and timeless.

Inspired by the current climate and post pandemic mood, Michelle Gerson’s new Welles design is uplifting and joyful, embodying a sense of artistry. She turned to nature, bringing in a floral element to represent growth and bloom, alluding to the rebirth of a classic Gabriel Scott design.

Michelle gerson website 2
Michelle gerson website 3
Michelle gerson website 1

As a contrast to the original Welles sharp metal and glass silhouette, Sybille de Margerie has created a new interpretation revealing the feminine side of her signature design style. Couture-inspired, elegant and smooth, her piece shows a gradient composition from emptiness to fullness, with a variation of hollow and plain shapes. Sybille has used padded vegan leather to create a subtle 3D effect and has introduced softness with rounded corners, thus creating new light effects and shadows.

Sybille de margerie website 2
Sybille de margerie website

Crafted from white clay and complemented by satin brass, Kelly Hoppen's reinterpretation is inspired by a collection of ceramics she is currently designing. Kelly has focused on the materials and scaled the size down to create an elegant overall appearance.

Welles kelly hoppen module
Welles kelly hoppen website 1

Studio Munge has developed a beautiful narrative infused with dynamic and bold fashion references inspired by rhythmic dance. The original Welles was deconstructed and rebuilt using a new support system inspired by the imagery, thus creating a significant visual divergence and a re-energised dialogue between the interconnected elements. The beautiful jewel-like connecting bracket has also been highlighted, making it a hero on the front of the glass.

Alessandro munge fixutre

Rockwell Group’s reimagination of Gabriel Scott’s iconic Welles Steel Chandelier celebrates its classic geometric form, while creating a contemporary light fixture inspired by clusters found in nature, such as crystals, chemical compounds, and clouds.

Rockwell render 1
David rockwell website 2
Rockwell website 3
Rockwell email

Guan Lee’s design is a striking floor installation, illuminated by light bulbs, and is made from POLiROCK a new material developed by Material Architecture Lab. It’s fired clay with unique characteristics, somewhere between ceramic and rocks. It appears natural and yet it is made by recycling manufacturing waste. Lightweight and porous, it has varied possibilities in application from everyday objects like vases and chairs to architectural components like brick or tiles. It is a material that can be left outside to interact with nature.

Guan lee website
Guan lee website 2
Guan Lee website 3

Discover the entire Welles Reimagined collection.

The Welles Reimagined collection is now available to pre order. Enquire through our website and our team will get back to you to discuss the fixture you require in more detail.

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