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Luna: Five Years of Illuminating Elegance

19 March 2024
Company news

This month marks the five-year anniversary since Gabriel Scott first introduced the Luna series. Originally unveiled in 2019 at the esteemed Euroluce lighting exhibition during Salone del Mobile, the Luna series draws inspiration from colourful beaded jewelry.

For those with an eye for aesthetics, lighting serves as the adornment of a space. Crystal chandeliers resemble elegant diamond necklaces, while shimmering pendants evoke the grace of traditional jewelry pieces. Renowned for their bold, geometric lighting designs, Gabriel Scott's Luna series introduces an unexpected touch of softness and charm to their statement collection. Founder and designer Scott Richler notes, "Much of Gabriel Scott’s lighting draws influence from the world of jewelry design." With the Luna series, sleek tube lights intersect with brushed metal, adorned with plump Murano-type "beads" in an array of candy colors.

Contrary to expectations, the primary challenge of this collection wasn't the hand-blowing of glass beads. Richler grappled with the task of seamlessly integrating these beads while preserving the architectural integrity of each piece. The breakthrough came from merging concepts from another Gabriel Scott project. "We were concurrently experimenting with our glassblower on a series of mold-blown tubes with sand-blasting throughout the inside," Richler explains. "The 'aha' moment occurred when we combined these ideas. The tubes became the conduit through which we could thread the light, while also allowing us to embellish the shapes freely."

This innovative approach opens the door to endless customization possibilities. Tubes can be suspended vertically, with Murano orbs stacked atop each other, or horizontally, resembling a luxurious mobile. Buyers can select hues that complement their interiors or reflect their individual preferences. Yet perhaps the most captivating aspect lies in the quality of light itself: diffused through a spectrum of colors, it emits a soft, ambient glow. Richler elaborates, "It's remarkable how the fixture transforms as you move around it...each bead interacts with the others, altering the perception of the fixture depending on the viewing angle.

Despite being a departure from its characteristic sharp-edged aesthetic, the Luna series has swiftly become one of Gabriel Scott's best-selling lighting collections. "This fixture delves into softer silhouettes and more fluid forms. It's decidedly more 'feminine' in that regard," remarks Richler.

Since the introduction of Luna, the collection has grown to include further iterations such as Luna Kaleido and Luna A series, offering a broader array of bead shapes, colors, and textures. This expanded selection provides architects and designers with greater opportunities for personalized expression in their specifications.

Experience the Luna series here.

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