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Discover custom lighting design inspiration from Elizabeth Strianese Interiors

09 November 2023
Project Inspiration

Elizabeth Strianese Interiors, LLC is a boutique design firm in New York's Hudson Valley which specializes in high end residential and small hospitality projects. Our newest case study explores their latest project transforming a turn of the century factory into a family friendly living space.

Project Overview / What was the project brief?

Conversion of a "white box" developer's renovation of a turn-of-the-century factory. The space previously housed the developer's apartment and his commercial real estate office. We were tasked with converting the cold industrial factory setting into a family friendly space for a NYC expat artist and her visiting family.

What Gabriel Scott items did you specify for this project & why?

Gabriel Scott’s Welles Glass chandelier in a customized length. The homeowner was reluctant to add suspended lighting to the two-storey living room space because she objected to the potential blockage of her view of the Fishkill Creek (the building is perched on the edge of the creek). We had to guarantee that the fixture would feel "cloud like" and create an ethereal mass that stayed linear and clustered - much like an actual cloud. The Welles luxury chandelier was perfect for the directive.

Did you use custom lighting design for this project?

Yes - customized length and drop, so as to fall exactly between the rows of windows viewing the creek.

What do you look for in furniture when specifying for a project?

We are committed to purchasing unique, organic, handmade pieces for our projects that are artist-designed and locally made when possible.

How do you use lighting to elevate the spaces you design?

Lighting plays a crucial role in providing ambiance and character to a project. We tend toward sculptural pieces made from classic materials as well.

What was your favorite part of designing this project?

The project is a mostly open floor plan industrial loft but we were able to treat the different areas for living as "zones", allowing a transition in materials and arrangements to make a loft feel more house-like and cozy. The Welles chandelier performed double duty in that it provided "sculpture" from the top floor kitchen area and "lighting" from the bottom floor living room.

With thanks

A special thanks to both Elizabeth Strianese and photographer Kate Sears for their participation.

Designer: Elizabeth Strianese

Photographer: Kate Sears

Project: Beacon Loft 2, NYC

About the Welles Chandelier

The Welles reflects Gabriel Scott' design philosophy to design and make modular products to custom specifications. The Welles glass module, which takes inspiration from jewelry, consists of frosted glass available in white or gray. Encased in metallic prongs, the high-end chandelier showcases expert craftsmanship.

The design comprises hollowed polygons branching out into a modular system of inter-connected configurations. Creating a beautiful optical illusion, the luxury chandelier emits a cloud of soft light through its sculptural silhouette.

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