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Bita Interior Design's latest project featuring contemporary handmade chandeliers

19 September 2023
Project Inspiration

For more than 20 years Bita Interior Design has been working on luxury international projects and high-end residential and model homes with high profile companies including RYI and Starwood Hotels. Passionate about interior design, Bita Interior Design brings international contemporary designs into luxury homes within California, Las Vegas and Europe.

We caught up with Bita De Laurentiis about two of her latest residential projects which feature contemporary light fixtures from Gabriel Scott’s collection.

Tell us about the projects and the lighting you selected:

The project which features a custom Kelly chandelier took place in a historical house built in the 1940s. I aimed to preserve the era's design while blending it with modern glam. The Kelly was the perfect choice to bridge these two eras, providing the desired glam look that complemented the wallpaper and furniture. Due to the low ceiling, I had to customize it and make it shorter. Due to Gabriel Scott’s customization abilities, it was a natural choice to work with them on this project.

The Myriad chandelier was used in a complete remodeling of a traditional house in Poway. The house used to feature closed interiors and dark spaces with heavy crown molding. To achieve a modern look with indoor and outdoor living spaces, we removed many walls, creating an open dining room connected to the family room. The client requested a custom dining table for 16 people, and the Myriad was an excellent choice. Its organic shape allowed for customization to fit the table's size, perfectly aligning with the concept of bringing nature indoors.

To me, Gabriel Scott lighting fixtures are like jewelry pieces that add a ‘wow’ factor to complete my designs. They're akin to a beautiful diamond necklace or custom jewelry that elevates your entire look with elegance. I choose Gabriel Scott when I want to make a statement, as lighting is the most crucial aspect of my designs.

I can truly elevate my design considering below points when it comes to lighting design:

1. Ambiance and Functionality: I start by determining the purpose of each area in the space. Is it for relaxation, work, or socializing? I choose lighting that suits the ambiance I want to create while ensuring it serves its functional purpose.

2. Layered Lighting: Incorporate a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. It’s very important that ambient lighting and accent lighting highlights architectural features or decor. My go to vendor for ambient and accent lighting is Gabirel Scott.

3. Fixture Selection: I carefully select lighting fixtures that match the design style of the space. Whether it's chandeliers, pendants, or sconces, the fixtures should complement the overall aesthetic.

4. Light Placement: I pay close attention to where I position lights. Highlight focal points like artwork or architectural details.

A special thanks to Bita De Laurentiis from Bita Interior Design for her participation in our latest project case study. Discover more of Bita's beautiful work on Bita Interior Design's website.

Orange Grove Residence

Designer: Bita Interior Design

Photographer: Bita Interior Design

Product: custom Kelly Chandelier

Old Coach Residence

Designer: Bita Interior Design

Photographer: Raffaele Auriti

Product: Myriad Chandelier

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