salone Del Mobile, 2019

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Salone del Mobile, 2019

Design atelier GABRIEL SCOTT introduces two striking new collections, LUNA and BOUDOIR. LUNA is the latest series of lighting for the brand, acclaimed for their sleek, opulent designs, and BOUDOIR a fresh extension of seductive furniture. Both collections are set to debut at in April at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

The LUNA Series, designed by founders Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler, is a compelling departure from the brand’s trademark geometric offerings but nonetheless sympatico with their design language. Experimenting with materials that lend to a more feminine and fluid aesthetic -- free-blown glass globes, and linear translucent tubes with smooth glossy finish -- Kakon and Richler utilized less complex components and more streamlined details to elicit a softer, organic narrative for LUNA. With its jewel-like globes and joinery metals, Luna stays true to Richler’s background in jewelry design, which continually appears in every collection and has become a GABRIEL SCOTT signature. LUNA is being offered as a pendant, table lamp and various chandelier styles, in addition to custom variations within its lighting system.

BOUDOIR marks the design duo’s first foray into lounge furniture, rounding out their existing smaller-scale series by way of a daybed, chaise, loveseat, and chair and ottoman dyad. Each piece was designed to evoke an intimate moment, one that is reminiscent of the historical intention of these often elusive and private quarters. The BOUDOIR Series breathes new light into that old-world function using contemporary materials that are as luxurious as the designs themselves. Each seat from the collection is made using a black-steel curved shell and wrapped in French pebbled leather, with the cushion upholstered in matching tones. Lustrous brass hardware joins each elegant form together, setting GABRIEL SCOTT’s interpretations apart from the once traditional aesthetic.