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Custom Welles Configuration

A Staircase Lighting Installation

A custom Welles Glass Chandelier in Satin Brass and Alabaster White and Welles Glass Double Head Sconces were selected to be a central installation for a staircase in this private residence in London.

The Welles Chandelier is a true representation of Gabriel Scott’s design philosophy - to design and make modular products to custom specifications.

The geometry of the Welles allows for seemingly infinite configurations with the repetition of a single module. The form, which is known as a Cuboctahedron, is a platonic solid that, thanks to its geometry, tessellates in space in a way that generates very organic arrangements.

Private Residence London 1
Private Residence London 2
Private Residence London 3
Private Residence London 6
Private Residence London 8
Private Residence London 10
Private Residence London 11

Welles fixtures are made by connecting these forms to one another using the triangular faces. As the connections are made to the truncated faces, the result is a sculptural organic structure that simultaneously adopts a geometric expression.

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