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Welles Textured Glass Preview in Milan

01 September 2021
Company news

To preview the upcoming launch of a new textured glass finish for Gabriel Scott’s best-selling WELLES Collection, the brand took over a coveted window space in Milan’s Brera Design District during Salone del Mobile 2021.

Brera Design District promotes the commercial and cultural development of the most suggestive and important district in Milan, and is the first and only Italian design district for the number, quality and density of showrooms in the area.

The new textured glass finish is an elegant and sophisticated addition to the existing steel and glass options that the WELLES Collection is available.

Gabriel Scott’s signature WELLES is a modern piece that showcases expert artistry. Hollowed metallic polygons branch out into a modular system of interconnected configurations for a stunning optical illusion. With its endless possibilities, the WELLES floats in the air emitting a cloud of soft light through its multifaceted, sculpturally innovative silhouette.

Welles textured glass is available from December 2021.

Welles Textured Glass is available in three textures and three colours. Get in touch to discuss how the custom finish options can be applied.

Salone del Mobile 2021 Welles Textured Glass 5
Salone del Mobile 2021 Welles Textured Glass 6
Salone del Mobile 2021 Welles Textured Glass 7
Salone del Mobile 2021 Welles Textured Glass 8

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