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The impact of designer lighting in luxury bathroom design

04 January 2024
Project Inspiration

A welcome escape from daily life, luxury bathroom design seamlessly combines decorative with function. We are seeing increased demand from our interior designer clients who are wanting to elevate traditional bathroom spaces by layering various lighting elements including sconces, pendants and statement chandeliers to create a calming ambience for the perfect bathroom sanctuary.

In our latest blog we explore the various bathroom lighting options, how they can elevate a luxury bathroom environment, and how to specify lighting within the bathroom design process.

One of the key things to consider when approaching bathroom lighting is to decipher how you want to layer it. Consider what light comes naturally into the room and how various lighting forms will complement it. Map out the key areas of your bathroom or cloakroom space, what type of lighting will make it functional yet visually striking? For example, sconce lighting can be used to create symmetrical focal points around a mirror or sink area as well as act as task lighting for washing your hands. For smaller spaces, pendant lighting is a great way to layer light by mindfully hanging pendants at differing heights. For larger spaces, you may want to introduce a sculptural chandelier to blend art and soft diffused light throughout the space.

From a functional perspective, it is important to specify lighting solutions that not only lend themselves to condensation but are also safe to use within the damper conditions of a bathroom. Therefore, always check with your lighting designer that your chosen lighting is IP rated to the specification required for the area it’s being installed in.

Pendant Lighting

Creating a focal point by using layered lighting, this cloakroom by Vian Abreu is a perfect example of utilizing lighting as an art form to elevate a luxury environment. The neutral tones are perfectly complemented by a pair of Luna A Pendant lights in Small and X-Small sizing, purposely layered to exude a soft glow, in turn creating a serene and calming space.

Combining both functionality and design, Lisa Kanning has used a pair of custom single Myriad pendant lights for this bathroom vanity area. The beauty of the white light LEDs create a task lighting effect, an important part of luxury bathroom design to illuminate the area around the sink and mirror. Known for its arboreal inspired design, the Myriad pendants seamlessly align with the earthy tones and natural materials to create a calming ambience.

Inspired by jewelry, the Briolette pendant used in this design by Tara Kantor creates a pivotal point within the room without taking away from the design. Specifying the Briolette in satin brass and alabaster white glass perfectly complements the accents in the mirror and monochromatic marble.

IMG 1541
Pendant bathroom
Lisa Kanning ID 02
Briolette pendant bathroom

Chandelier lighting

One of our most popular pieces to be featured within luxury bathroom environments is the Kelly Chandelier. With its art deco inspired design, the Kelly in black steel commands attention within this monochromatic bathroom by Ricki Fortgang Design.

Statement lighting is no longer limited to core areas of the home. Casa 505 Interiors have displayed this beautifully using the Harlow Large Chandelier as a focal point in this opulent, marble-clad bathroom. Making sure there is never a dull moment when in the bathtub of this Southampton, New York home.

Nina Magon’s use of the Harlow Series draws focus to the area above the bath using the custom Harlow Small Chandelier, while also combining both symmetry and functionality when using a pair of Harlow Sconce lights within the inlets to either side of the bath. The sconces enable light to focus on the mirrors within the inlets, the choice of a satin brass finish aligns beautifully with the accents across the entirety of the room that elegantly combines bathroom and dressing room.

Copy of unnamed 1
Harlow chandelier bathroom
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Sconce lighting

An integral aspect of bathroom lighting design is the implementation of Sconce lighting. The beauty of sconce lighting is the ability to, much like the previously mentioned pendant, emit a strong level of lighting without impeding on the space. Particularly useful when thinking about spaces such as cloakrooms which often have no window and are limited to the lavatory and sink.

A sconce light can hang beautifully above the mirror in a cloakroom bathroom, such as in this space by Gramercy Design featuring the Harlow Scone. In this project, it is particularly interesting to note that the Harlow sconce, such as in Nina Magon’s bathroom design, can be hung to create both uplighting and downlighting depending on the room’s requirements.

In this second design, the Welles Steel sconces in black steel and satin copper inlay work seamlessly with the bold dark accents used for the sink, cabinetry and mirror surround.

Harlow sconce bathroom
Luna sconce bathroom
Welles steel sconce

Customised bathroom design

As with any room in the home, luxury bathroom design doesn’t follow uniformity. Therefore, the ability to utilize customizable lighting is key to creating functional yet statement bathrooms. With customization and the needs of designers and architects at the heart of Gabriel Scott’s design principles, we encourage customized design to elevate any luxury environment.

Our design and manufacturing teams being together in our Montreal studio enables us to work with clients to seamlessly design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions for their projects. If you’re thinking about a customized lighting solution for an upcoming project, please get in touch. We’re able to help with our standard lighting collections, customizing our standard lighting series, or assisting with a completely bespoke solution.

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