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Gabriel Scott x Studio Miaki: Styling a Festive Tablescape

15 December 2022

Around this time of year, we’re all looking to brighten up our homes and welcome our loved ones in for a time of festivities and celebrations. With the focus on our spaces ever prevalent, we're looking at how people are choosing to decorate for the festive season and how current interior trends are impacting our styling decisions.

This year we’ve teamed up with interior design group Studio Miaki to transform our London showroom window into our perfect vision of a festive tablescape, getting styling tips along the way and exploring how to decorate for the festive season from the industry experts themselves.

Founded in 2021 by Greek American interior designer Mia Kitsinis, the south west London-based design studio creates elegant and layered singular spaces that inspire comfort, calm and oomph; real-life dream homes intended to last. With the belief that great design should dovetail between balance and composition, the homes they bring to life serve a purpose, are well-rounded and full of expressive narratives.

We had the pleasure to talk to three of the interior designers at Studio Miaki about their personal approaches to creating a Christmas table and their design process for Gabriel Scott's festive tablescape.

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GS: How do you go about defining the theme for a Christmas table?

Adela Lokaj, Associate Designer: There is often so much going on before the Christmas meal; the chaos of cooking loads of dishes, my kitchen starts off clean but then becomes an organised mess by the time everything is out of the oven. So when it comes to the table setting I like to keep it quite minimal, often focussing on a table centrepiece that I’ve made using different green stems with white florals. Candles are a must as they give the table a warm glow and create an inviting cosy atmosphere, and it’s also an opportunity to give your table some dimension playing with different heights and styles of candles. Lastly I use the food as the finishing touch to the decor, ensuring each dish has its own element of decoration.

Lucy Clements, Junior Interior Designer
: I like to gather inspiration from my favourite images on Pinterest, Instagram and my own photos from shop displays. I then choose my favourite parts of them and create my own aesthetic.

Holly Clothier, Senior Interior Architect: Pinterest is a great place to start to gather concepts and ideas, you can build on this with the pieces you have purchased in the run up to Christmas to create something stylish but also personal to you.

How do you use color, do you go for the classic themes or keep it neutral & minimal?

Adela Lokaj:
I try to switch it up for every dinner party, or year if it’s for the main event. Green is obviously the main go to colour, mostly due to the centrepiece, but then I’ll often add in some more colour through adding fruits to the centrepiece. For a more classic theme I love using pomegranates, using a combination of whole and ones that are torn open in half and I tend to scatter a few of these around the table. I do the same with oranges, preferably blood oranges as they have that interesting mix of colour. Then you have your napkins which are also a great way of adding in colour, I tend to go for more muted colours with these and it’s often sage green. I don’t go overboard with colour, just some subtle hints in places, a candy cane on each plate setting or some small crackers that have an interesting colour or pattern to them. For me it’s all about balance and I want to feel calm once I’m sat down at the dinner table.

Lucy Clements:
I like to go neutral and minimal but also incorporate more traditional tones and textures in details and accents.

Holly Clothier:
I love the use of deep reds at Christmas, you can’t beat a classic combination of red and gold accents to warm up the winter nights.

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GS: How important is lighting in your styling & what light sources do you gravitate towards?

Adela Lokaj: Good lighting is extremely important at dinner parties. You want to have the perfect balance where it feels intimate but not too dark that you can’t see what you’re eating. On the table there will always be candles, a selection of pillars, short candles in votives and tea lights in votives too. I will also have candles around the room, but then will heavily rely on wall lights dimmed low, and the pendant over the table dimmed low also.

Lucy Clements: Lighting is key in Christmas styling - You want enough to highlight sparkles and the rich textures of foliage, but also to create an atmospheric ambience. Candlelight is a perfect addition to dimmed lighting.

Holly Clothier: Lighting is the key finishing touch to a Christmas table. I love using handmade pillar or tapered candles to add some height and bring the table to life.

GS: How are you seeing current interior trends transferring into Christmas styling this year?

Adela Lokaj: If there is one thing I’ve noticed since the pandemic is that there is a slight shift away from the very neutral interiors, the greys and beiges, and people seems to be wanting to inject more colour into their homes to help celebrate the end of a dark period. This Christmas is very much about celebrating this, there is no shying away from colour. Sustainability has also passed down into Christmas styling with some opting for more eco-friendly solutions to Christmas decor.

Lucy Clements: I think taking a modern traditional approach is something that is coming in more this year. Mixing traditional colours and textures like red velvet ribbon, but taking on a modern minimal approach in arrangements.

Holly Clothier: An earthy and natural material palette that is popular at the moment is a great neutral base to build on top of, you can add Christmassy colours and textures to layer on top of this without having to swap out accessories that you have year round.

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Gabriel Scott London Showroom: Festive Tablescape

We used the showroom as our main driving force when putting together concepts. It’s very contemporary and minimal so we wanted this reflected on Gabriel Scott's Christmas table. We wanted something that would be a feature but also not be distracting to the chandelier sitting above. Having identified the key accessories that would help bring the table to life, we looked at how we could bring in some warmth through texture and blending of different materials. We then opted to use local brands to the showroom to showcase what can be achieved on an attainable budget.

With this tablescape we wanted to portray that through minimal styling, a table setting can still be made to be a focal feature that is warming and inviting, sure to impress all guests. We opted for a more natural approach to colour by using mostly green foliage combined with white florals, this helped to set the tone and helped pull all other elements together creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

With a big thank you to Studio Miaki for collaborating with us on this styling session. We wish you all a Happy Festive Season and all the best for the New Year!

Visit the London Showroom at 12 Old Burlington Street W1S 3AH, get in touch here.

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