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Modern Lighting Design for your Hallway

13 March 2023
Project Inspiration

Whether you’re opting for bold and beautiful or elegant and understated, the hallway sets the tone for the rest of the home’s design aesthetic. People say that lighting is the jewelry of any interior and having a focal contemporary light fixture in the entranceway is the piece-de-resistance of any luxury home.

Kelly Chandelier Alida Coury Interiors Photography Aimee Mazzenga
Harlow Series Designed by Gideon Mendelson Photography by Tim Lenz
Kelly Chandelier Photographer Nathan Scroder
Harlow Dried Flowers Greg Natale Photo Anson Smart

We recommend choosing a lighting fixture that not only beautifully illuminates the space but also acts as a sculptural statement. This option will draw the eye upwards as well as give an illusion of taller ceilings and a bigger space. As seen in the images above, luxury light fittings such as the Harlow Dried Flowers Chandelier or the Kelly Chandelier are beautiful statement lighting options to create maximum impact in a home’s entranceway.

When selecting a statement chandelier, consider the positioning of the fixture, the drop as well as the overall design and materials. Choose a modern lighting option that has been designed to last beyond current trends, and made from materials that have longevity. Also, discuss with your lighting designer if you need it to be customized to fit the space or want to create further impact by choosing something in a non-standard color or shape. Any worthy lighting studio or maker will be happy to assist with these requests.

Gabriel Scott 38
LT Design Studios Welles Hanging Sconce

Contemporary sconce lighting is a common feature in a home’s hallway and corridors. Although they add a soft, warm glow to a home’s aesthetic, sconce lighting is usually introduced for decorative purposes and therefore should complement a statement chandelier or pendant lighting. The Welles Hanging Sconce, as seen in smoked gray glass and satin brass in the image above, is a beautiful accompaniment to the wider hallway design scheme designed by LT Design Studios. Alternatively, the Luna Sconce with Glass Beads is a natural choice when clients opt for Gabriel Scott’s Luna series for pendant lighting or a chandelier.

Gabriel Scott 2
Gabriel Scott 8

Decorative pendant lighting is also an elegant choice for a home’s hallway. Whether you opt for a singular pendant or a beautiful cascade of pendant lighting, focus on the materials you use; warm metal tones, mouth-blown glass, shapes, textures and colors can all be blended beautifully with the wider space to create a seamless aesthetic. The Luna Kaleido Small and Large Pendant lighting can be seen in the image above, as well as Gabriel Scott’s Briolette Pendant lighting in alabaster white and black steel and satin brass finishes.

Please get in touch with our studio team should you have any questions about Gabriel Scott’s lighting collection, we’re happy to help provide customization advice and drawings specific to your project’s requirements.

Image 1: The Kelly Chandelier in a project by Alida Coury Interiors. Photograph by Aimee Mazzenga

Image 2: Harlow Series in project by Mendelson Group. Photograph by Tim Lenz

Image 3: Kelly Chandelier in project by Dodson Interiors. Photograph by Nathan Schroder

Image 4: Harlow Dried Flowers in project by Greg Natale. Photograph by Anson Smart

Image 5: Luna Sconce with Glass Beads. Photograph by Paul Craig

Image 6: Welles Double Blown Glass Hanging Sconce in project by LT Design Studios

Image 7: Briolette Pendants. Photograph by Paul Craig

Image 8: Luna Kaleido Large and Small Pendants. Photograph by Paul Craig

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