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Lightbulb moments: materials that make a Gabriel Scott luxury light fitting

13 June 2023

Our commitment to delivering high quality products doesn’t end with the design materials we use, a pivotal part of our lighting design is the choice of bulb. We use a variety of LED bulbs to best fit each individual fixture and temperature of the light. Our team takes time to research and test a variety of bulbs during the design process to ensure the selected bulb works seamlessly with the overall aesthetic.

In the latest in our ‘How it’s Made’ series, we discuss the materials that define the Gabriel Scott brand as well as the use of LEDs in our light fixtures with designer Simon Maillé.

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What are key components that make a Gabriel Scott luxury light fitting? How does this differ from other lighting brands?

The attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship in our lighting collections are key aspects that define our design aesthetic. Jewelry design is an important part of our brand DNA, and is massively influential during the lighting design process. Whether that be jewelry clasps that have been reinterpreted for our signature metallic prong fixings on the Briolette Pendants, the use of warm light dispersing through the double-blown glass reflecting a diamond on a necklace pendant, or the prong detailing on our Welles lighting series, our aim is to create glowing pieces of contemporary jewelry for any home or hospitality setting.

Our signature design materials consist of steel hardware and hand-blown glass, we use specialist artisans to supply our materials and all our pieces are handmade to order in our Montreal studio, which enables our designs to be fully customizable. There are virtually endless possibilities of how our fixtures can be configured and adapted to a room, so we spend a great deal of time with our clients to ensure what they specify is tailored to their individual requirements.

The LED is a core component to our products. They not only need to be functional when it comes to factors such as temperature control, they also are a celebrated part of the overall design. For example, Sybille de Margerie’s Welles Reimagined capsule collection showcases the LED as an integral part of the design. The design offers a skeleton Welles metal frame and moveable vegan leather magnetic panels to manipulate light to suit varied environments, which leaves much of the inner workings of the fixture - wires and cables - exposed. Therefore, the LED selection was as significant as material choice such as the vegan leather.

What LEDs do you use for Gabriel Scott’s contemporary light fittings and what process did you follow to choose this component?

We use a variety of proprietary LEDs for the different lighting collections that we have. They range from 3W (20W light bulb equivalent) to 10W (60W light bulb equivalent), with light temperatures going from 2200K to 3000K (cool white to warm white).

What are the client benefits when using LED light bulbs?

One main advantage of using LEDs is that they require a lot less energy to operate than incandescent, making them an effective ecological and financially conscious choice. They also typically have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs under normal operating conditions, so choosing LEDs means having to worry less about servicing the chandelier. Our clients can also choose between different light temperatures, ranging from cool white to warm white so that the chandelier complements the room’s purpose.

Are there any sustainability benefits when using LED light bulbs, if so what are they?

Compared to incandescent light bulbs of a similar output, LEDs can use as much as six times less energy to emit light. Since they also last longer and have smaller form factor, there is less waste generated when servicing the chandelier.

Have there been any challenges when choosing to use LED over traditional light bulbs?

The main concern when using LEDs is heat management. The LED’s performance and longevity are directly related to how much of the heat is removed from the electronic components, so designing accordingly can become quite challenging especially when compromising between visual aspect and performance. This is why we design our own components, so that we have absolute control on appearance, form and performance.

Can Gabriel Scott’s fixtures be wired to any system? Is there anything to consider when doing this?

Our drivers can be wired to Lutron or any standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC dimming system. Choosing the right wattage capacity is key when choosing a dimming system. Make sure to check if the total wattage used by the light fixture is within the dimming system capacity.

What is your advice for someone installing a Gabriel Scott light fixture?

Carefully read the instruction manual, and make sure to contact us on our technical support line for any questions regarding installation.

For more information read about Sybille De Margerie's capsule collection.

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