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In conversation with Tilo Kaiser

28 April 2023
Company news

A selection of Tilo Kaiser’s most recent work will be showcasing at Gabriel Scott’s London showroom, with an exclusive vernissage being held on Thursday 25th May before being formally open to viewings.

Tilo Kaiser, born in Frankfurt in 1965, currently lives and works in London. While partially autodidact, Tilo studied selectively between 1991-93 at the School of Visual Arts in New York with Judith Linhares, who became a mentor. Tilo Kaiser’s work has been exhibited internationally in Germany, Luxembourg, USA, Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong, to name a few. His work is represented internationally in several corporate and private collections.

Tilo Kaiser artwork 1

Ahead of the event in May, we sat down with Tilo to gather further insight on his background, inspiration, and his collection.

GS: What’s the main inspiration behind your work?

I think, like for most artists, what drives me can only be the quest to create the ultimate picture/artwork, which will never happen, and thus stay a motivation and inspiration forever.

GS: How did you get into your art?

Since I was little, I always wanted to be an artist; I cannot remember ever truly wanting anything else.

GS: What’s your background in?

I went to business school and art school at the same time (my parents said, they would pay for both, if I also did something that “made sense”). I have a degree in business and almost one in art; I am partially an autodidact and worked as an artist all my life.

GS: How do you see your work progressing?

Constantly and profusely, I hope.

GS: Are you interested in exploring other materials or crafts?

Always have been and always will be. In my opinion that is what all of us should be doing vehemently to keep things fresh, no matter what profession we are in. I have had stints in sculpture, photography, film and video to name a few.

GS: What does the artistic process look like for you?

Art never stops, once you have chosen that path, it will consume you and become your life.

GS: How long does the painting process take?

I would say it takes a lifetime. Piece by piece it varies largely and is hard to say, as I work on several pieces at the same time and the process and is very dependent on mood, weather, timing, the night before etc..

GS: What do you find the most difficult & enjoyable part of your work?

The most enjoyable part of my work is that, for me, there is nothing difficult about it.

GS: When did you start painting and why?

I started drawing very young, the first oil painting on canvas I finished at age 11 or 12 and after that never stopped. Why remains a mystery.

GS: Do you have a favourite piece in your collection? If so, why?

I certainly have favourites, but I will never announce them publicly and they change all the time. Generally my favourites are the works that internally lead to the next series, the works that break a mould and open up a universe of new possibilities.

GS: What are five collections/art pieces you have been looking at lately?

I look at art, architecture, fashion, design etc. a lot. A few shows I recently liked for various reasons, were Phyllida Barlow, Peter Doig, Daisy Parris, Guenter Foerg, Judith Linhares,...

GS: Where can people see your work?

Instagram: tilo.kaiser

Website (is only a teaser):

And there is always my studio in West London. 07766507520 ;-)

Gabriel Scott London Showroom:

12 Old Burlington Street,

London W1S 3AH

To register your interest in attending the preview evening on Thursday 25th May, please get in touch.

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