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Hotel Designs x Gabriel Scott: 'Adding Context in Luxury Hotel Design' Panel Discussion

04 August 2023

Last month we hosted a live panel discussion with Hotel Designs at our Mayfair showroom. We had a fabulous evening hosting professionals from the design community, our panelists gathered to discuss the theme of "Adding Context in Luxury Hotel Design."

The panel headed by Hamish Kilburn (editor of Hotel Designs) consisted of Alessandro Munge (Founder and Creative Director of Studio Munge), Elizabeth Walton (Associate Director at ReardonSmith Architects), and Scott Richler (Founder and Creative Director of Gabriel Scott), had an honest and insightful conversation about various aspects of luxury hotel design.

The discussion revolved around the need for constant evolution and innovation in the hotel design industry to maintain momentum. Alessandro, Elizabeth and Scott emphasized the importance of understanding the essence of a hotel's identity and guest experience when adding context to the interior design. It was interesting to note that the panelists highlighted how sustainability and conscious luxury are increasingly influencing design decisions.

The conversation covered the merging of design narratives and hospitality initiatives to cater to the demands of today's luxury travellers. Discussions on projects that took unexpected turns, and the value of a close client relationship for creating seamless design transitions for projects that take extended periods of time.

The panel also discussed the challenges and pressures of working with iconic buildings and historical landmarks and the need to strike a balance between retaining their legacy and creating a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere. The panelists spoke on the significance of manufacturing quality materials and the ability to customize products for luxury hotel design.

Many thanks to our panelists and the Hotel Designs team.

Read the full article on Hotel Designs' website.

Gabriel Scott 29 June 2023 A9 08738 1
Gabriel Scott 29 June 2023 A9 08667
Gabriel Scott 29 June 2023 A1 05303
Gabriel Scott 29 June 2023 A1 05043
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