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Gabriel Scott Lighting is now on display at Minotti London

27 April 2023
Company news

Gabriel Scott’s luxury lighting series is now on display in international furniture design and lifestyle brand Minotti London’s showroom, situated on Margaret Street in upscale Fitzrovia.

Lighting including Luna Pendants, a Welles Textured Glass chandelier, Harlow Pendants and a custom Myriad chandelier elegantly hang above Minotti’s contemporary furniture offering designed for a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and commercial sectors.

Minotti Showroom 3
Minotti Showroom 2
Minotti Showroom

Furthermore, Gabriel Scott’s lighting features within luxury property developer Northacre’s The Broadway penthouse apartment, the latest project designed by Minotti London. Their renowned timeless design is displayed beautifully throughout the 4,672 sq ft penthouse, with neutral tones embracing the natural light of the space.

On the former site of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters and originally the Orchard to Westminster Abbey, The Broadway was inspired by the Art Deco features of the neighbouring Grade I listed property, 55 Broadway, once London’s tallest building when it was built in 1929. Northacre and architectural partner Squire and Partners studied the beautifully configured architecture of 1920’s jewellery, and its contemporary interpretations, as a creative direction for the development. The shapes and structures found in luxury retail form the concept for The Broadway’s interiors, and the buildings have been named after three of the world’s most revered diamonds; The Sancy, The Paragon and The Cullinan.

Scott Richler, Gabriel Scott’s Founder and CEO, comments: “Gabriel Scott’s lighting series is inspired by my background in fashion and jewellery design, so we carefully curated the lighting on display in The Broadway to perfectly complement Minotti London’s interior design, as well as the wider brand of the tower block. We made sure to incorporate lighting fixtures that feature warm colours, textures and interesting shapes from some of our latest lighting designs, and I think the result is something truly special.”

Lighting fixtures on display in the apartment include the Luna Kaleido 1 Tier Chandelier, Luna Kaleido Small Pendant, Welles Long Chandelier in Textured Glass, a custom Myriad Wishbone Pendant and a pair of Luna A Small Disc Pendants.

The Luna Kaleido series plays with texture, colour and shape to distort the natural light that floods through The Broadway’s large glass windows creating magical optical illusions. Seen in The Broadway with a Dorado glass bead, the Luna Kaleido 1 Tier Chandelier is available with six glass bead options, all named after constellations (Dorado, Lyra, Aras, Cygnus, Orion and Carina). The Luna Kaleido Small Pendant is finished in satin bronze with a Cygnus glass bead in opaque blue and an Aras glass bead in smoked bronze.

Hanging above the informal (second) dining space, a custom Myriad Wishbone Pendant in alabaster white double-blown glass fuses with a modular, asymmetric system to create something unique. The design of the Myriad glass pendant lighting draws inspiration from nature through its sharp articulated arms, being synonymous with The Broadway’s foundations lying in the original place of Westminster Abbey’s Orchard.

You can find Minotti London’s Showroom at:

77 Margaret St,



For more information on the products featured at The Broadway, please get in touch.

For more information on The Broadway visit their site here.

Visit Minotti London’s website, here.

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