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Discover O’Keefe Fiorenza Design Group's latest Ottawa project featuring luxury lighting fixtures

22 November 2023
Project Inspiration

Dylan O'Keefe from boutique design firm O'Keefe Fiorenza Design Group shares insight into their latest residential project, a modern infill in an older neighborhood of Ottawa for a young family with two children.

"We believe that lighting is the jewelry of any space. For this project we specified the Welles Glass Long Chandelier 20 which we customized the length of to best fit the dining room and two Large Harlow Pendants in the walk-in closet. We felt these fixtures provided the scale and visual interest we were looking for in these spaces.

When specifying furniture for our projects, we look for unique pieces that compliment and enhance our architectural and interior design. We thrive to create cohesive spaces that flow seamlessly together. We also used the Dean Round Coffee Table in the whiskey room.

This project has some very unique features including secrete bookshelves that conceal the hidden whiskey room and subterranean garage. These were definitely interesting features of the home. We also played with a lot of bespoke finishes and textures throughout which really elevated the space."

Designer: O’Keefe Fiorenza Design Group

Photographer: Kevin Bella Photography

Project: West Side

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