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David Rockwell for Gabriel Scott: Floating Ideas

30 May 2022

David Rockwell, Founder and President of interdisciplinary global design firm Rockwell Group, reinterprets Gabriel Scott's iconic Welles Chandelier as part of the studio's Floating Ideas presentation for Milan Design Week 2022.

To help celebrate Gabriel Scott's tenth anniversary, David Rockwell is one of six international designers and architects who have reimagined Gabriel Scott's Welles Chandelier.

Rockwell Group’s reimagination of Gabriel Scott’s iconic Welles Steel Chandelier celebrates its classic geometric form, while creating a contemporary light fixture inspired by clusters found in nature, such as crystals, chemical compounds, and clouds.

The hollowed glass polygons act as metallic light points that come together at varying heights and dimensions to form a floating light cluster. The feature chandelier is defined by its luxe volume and organic nature.

Discover more about the reimagine lighting fixture and David Rockwell's inspiration in our latest video. Explore the new lighting capsule collection.

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