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Creating impact in interior design: statement contemporary lighting design

21 March 2023
Project Inspiration

Whether it’s for a hallway, above a dining table, a bedroom or living space, there’s no better way to create an impact in interior design than a custom statement lighting piece. Be it a sculptural chandelier or a series of cascading pendant lights, beautiful modern lighting design is the decoration any home needs to make it feel warm, inviting and luxurious.

Casa Interiors
Kelly Chandelier Photographer Nathan Scroder
HARLOW Nina Magon Studio1

Gabriel Scott’s Head of Design, Nicolas Pomerleau, says: “The home is a big investment for people, they want it to be a reflection on their individual character as well as it cater to their functional and aesthetic requirements. More often than not, our clients are seeking something unique. Having a completely custom lighting fixture is pushing exclusivity to another level, and working with our interior designer clients to create a custom piece enables them to create a one-of-a-kind piece with their client which will support the entire vision for their project.”

Millier London 3
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To create maximum impact consider materials and finishes that complement the rest of the design aesthetic. When considering your decorative pendant light, sculptural chandelier or contemporary sconce lighting options, warming metal tones and the soft illumination exuding from blown glass are natural choices, and add personal and bespoke touches by opting for various textures, colors and shapes when selecting your glass finishes.

Additionally, work with your lighting designer to ensure the fixture seamlessly works with the space. This could be scaling the fixture up or down from the original design, adding more detail or tiers to it, or removing certain features if you need to pair it back to work better with other features in the space. Ensure you receive renders and samples of the selected piece so you have complete confidence the selected lighting fixture works with the rest of your scheme.

LOW RES Fam Design Project
Welles Hanging Sconce Alexandra Brown Interiors Photography by Pablo Veigaweb
200914 Gramercy Design 63 Greene 041web

Pomerleau adds: “When designing new products we always think of systems; how can this piece evolve into something else? How readily can the design be manipulated into something else? Ten years into this business we have really developed a language and a unique hardware that allows us to play with all ideas. When specifying lighting for your project, take advantage of our experience working with custom designs over the past ten years and ask for our advice. The challenges and pitfalls you may come across we have likely dealt with before, and we’re happy to make recommendations on creating a solution that not only adds impact but is designed and made to last.”

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