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Case Study: Rob Bowen Designs

30 September 2022

Florida-based luxury design studio Rob Bowen Design Group creates spaces that evoke a rare sense of intimacy and inspiration. Alongside his team, Rob’s unique talents, keen insights and collaborative spirit transform personal and professional settings into a one-of-a-kind expression of each client’s vision and style, each as distinctive as the individuals they’re designed for.

We had the pleasure of talking to Rob about his latest residential project, featuring Gabriel Scott's Luna 2 Tier Chandelier, Welles Chandelier and Bardot Barstools. Rob discusses his own design process, what he looks for when specifying lighting & furniture and how he customizes products to suit his client's vision in each individual project.

GS: Why did you chose the Luna Chandelier for this project?
RB: We love these chandeliers because they're strong architecturally, while being soft visually. They're fully customizable allowing for a tailored and custom execution.

GS: How did you customize the chandelier to work with this project?

RB: We often push the limits with customization of what we use for our spaces, which is why we love Gabriel Scott. We customized all aspects of the chandelier - length, color and shape. The color palette is consistent with the rest of the finishes; the pied à terre features a strong black and white base, layered with soft grays, milky white with the pop of purple.

GS: How do you use lighting to elevate the spaces you design?

RB: We see lighting as a piece of art or jewelry. It is the finishing touch that should be thought-provoking and spark conversation.

GS: What do you look for in furniture when specifying for a project?

RB: Before looking at furniture, we first imagine how the client will live in the space. We establish lasting relationships with our clients so that this process is seamless and understood. Once we have this plan in mind, we carefully search for pieces that spark an emotional response.

GS: What was your favorite part of designing this space?

RB: What made this project successful is what we did NOT put in. Everything was carefully selected to be in proper scale & proportion with the pied à terre. It's so rewarding to see all the layers together with the final product.

Designer: Rob Bowen Designs

Location: Tampa Bay Area, Florida, United States

Gabriel Scott products featured:

  • Luna 2 Tier Chandelier
  • Welles Glass Chandelier
  • Bardot Barstools

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