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Case Study: Jennifer Welch Designs

13 September 2022

Jennifer Welch, based in Oklahoma City, has spent the last 20 years designing dynamic, highly specialized commercial and residential interiors across the country - in a broad range of styles.

Jennifer Welch and her team are highly respected in the industry for their commitment to detail - creating interiors that are specialized to each client’s lifestyle and taste. Her work is best signified as sleek and sophisticated, layered with texture and comfort.

We had the pleasure of talking to Jennifer Welch about her design process and how she uses customization to elevate her projects, focusing specifically on this beautiful Lenox Avenue kitchen interior, featuring Gabriel Scott Luna Pendants.

GS: Why did you choose to use the Luna Pendant for this project?

JW: This kitchen has double islands, dramatic, book-matched marble slab vent hood, and natural light transoms that anchor the room. Light fixtures are a very important feature to my work, so I had to strike the right balance. I knew I wanted a pair over each island, but also knew that I couldn't over-power the already dramatic kitchen. The Luna pendants add the perfect touch: light, airy, and perfectly complementary to the marble and windows.

GS: How did you customize this piece to work with the project?

JW: We chose the smoked glass and brass Luna. The subtly smoked glass ties in the charcoal veins in the Paonazzo marble.

GS: What do you look for in lighting when specifying for a project?

JW: I look for lighting to be pieces of art - unique and communicative in their own right. I want guests in spaces I’ve designed to be awed by the lighting, much like they would be of a magnificent painting.

GS: How do you use lighting to elevate the spaces you design?

JW: I use lighting the same way a pastry chef uses icing on a cake. Lighting is the icing that polishes and defines a space. Gabriel Scott’s entire collection is literally the icing on the cake, each fixture a work of art in its own right.

GS: What was your favorite part of designing this space?

JW: This kitchen is one of my all-time favorites that I’ve designed. Kitchen designs have evolved from being isolated from the action of a home to being the epicenter of a home. As a designer, you try to strike glamor and texture in a kitchen. I personally have zero cooking skills, so I approach a kitchen as a space I’d like to visually spend time.

Project: Lenox Avenue - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Designer: Jennifer Welch Designs

Architect: Sam Gresham

Photographer: Josh Welch

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