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Live Roundtable: The New Era of Luxury in Hotel Design

05 April 2022
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In an exclusive roundtable with Hotel Designs and Gabriel Scott, leading interior designers and architects gathered to discuss materials, lighting and sustainability when exploring luxury hotel design in 2022 and beyond.

Like all things in hotel design and hospitality, luxury and what is considered high-end is a subjective matter. Arguably, making the topic and discussion around it more compelling, the boundaries between luxury and lifestyle have no-doubt been blurred in recent years, as hotels adapt to new demands from modern travellers.

With the aim to explore luxury deeper than surface level, Hotel Designs and Gabriel Scott joined forces recently to bring together leading designers and architects inside the luxury brand’s showroom in Mayfair to explore luxe design and hospitality in 2022 and beyond.

The panel includes:

  • James Dilley, Director, Jestico + Whiles
  • Sam Hall, Global Head of FF&E, GA Group
  • Constantina Tsoutsikou, Founder, Studio LOST
  • Rachel Hoolahan, Sustainability Co-Ordinator, Orms
  • Martin Hulbert, Founder, Martin Hulbert Design
  • Margarita Boulaki, Associate, Squite & Partners
  • Rose Murray, Director, These White Walls
  • Scott Richler, CEO, Gabriel Scott

Read the roundtable overview on Hotel Designs’ website, or watch the live roundtable below.

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