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Gabriel Scott launches Custom Design Service

01 February 2024
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It’s funny to think that we once believed homogenous interiors across a business’ various outposts communicated a unified vision; whether you walked into a brand in Stockholm or Hong Kong, London or New York, consistent light fittings and countertops were shorthand for ‘You know us, you know what we do, you can trust us’. Now we eye global uniformity with suspicion. ‘Where’s the personality? How is the locale reflected?’ goes today’s internal dialogue. The design community, however, are responding - not just with a made-to-measure approach - but with more strident customisation offers.

Servicing our desire for individuality is relatively new for many design businesses, but for people like Scott Richler, it’s his brand’s raison d’être. Gabriel Scott launched in 2012 on a manifesto to furnish the architectural community with exactly what they needed. Richler had the inside line - he had, after all, trained as an architect at Montreal’s McGill University, before segueing into jewelry design and back to designing large scale jewelry for the home to order. Often approached for very specific bespoke work, he decided to combine all his experiences into a brand that was capable of responding to individual requests.

Custom Design for both furniture and lighting

Now, over a decade on, Scott Richler has expanded Gabriel Scott’s product proposition to include a Custom Design Service for both furniture and lighting pieces to give complete freedom to the brand’s interior designer and architect clientele.

Scott Richler, Founder and CEO of Gabriel Scott, comments: “We have always been open to working with our clients on custom design; whether that be adapting our core collection or doing something completely bespoke, and have now formulated our customization ability into a structured service that can be adopted by our clients when they need something completely original for a project."

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The service has so far been utilized in a number of different ways. Some designers have preferred to use their defined four-step fee-based service to take an idea from Concept through Technical and Prototype phases before Gabriel Scott oversees the Manufacture. Other clients have provided a budget and a concept for the studio to work to. Lastly, Gabriel Scott is working with design studios to create a “signature” product collection for them to use in their projects to create brand uniformity across a series of projects or a development.

Delivering custom design projects for our existing clients

Whilst the majority of clients who are working on live projects remain undisclosed, design studios such as Rockwell Group, Studio Munge and Les Ensembliers have all worked with Gabriel Scott on custom design requests in the past 12 months. The studio is proud to include Cartier, Bergdorf Goodman, Mandarin Oriental, Gensler and The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts as clients.

Richler adds: “The benefit of our products being handmade and designed in a way they can be easily customized means we can work with designers, architects or a private client to seamlessly design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions for their projects.

Whether it be a unique one-off lighting fixture for a private home, members club or yacht, or the supply of a furniture or lighting package for an entire hotel complex, we can work closely with you to develop something truly special.”

All Gabriel Scott pieces are handmade in a production studio in Montreal where an in-house team of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers work together to create and oversee each piece from inception to production.

For further information on Gabriel Scott’s Custom Design Service, please get in touch.

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