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Contemporary lighting spotlight: The Myriad Lighting Series

13 May 2024
Project Inspiration

We are proud to introduce the Myriad Lighting Series, a stunning collection that captures the raw bioluminescence of nature with meticulously crafted lighting designs. The centerpiece, the Myriad Contemporary Chandelier, features a complex arrangement of elegantly articulated arms that evoke tree branches, each ending in a pivotable double-blown glass orb. This design effortlessly merges organic motifs with modern aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating Briolette diamond, known for its drop shape and faceted surface that enhances light reflection, the glass orbs on the Myriad Contemporary Chandelier cast a gentle, reflective glow. This soft illumination creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, enhancing the chandelier's tree-like presence. More than just a light source, this sculptural masterpiece transforms spaces into magical environments, reminiscent of a forest under starlit skies.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Myriad Chandelier combines exceptional craftsmanship with advanced engineering. Available in a range of metal finishes, each chandelier is customizable to align with any interior design theme. We also offer custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any space, from intimate nooks to grand rooms.

The Myriad Long Chandelier, available with 9, 12, or 13 glass modules, allows for additional customization to meet specific space requirements. It is especially popular as a striking centerpiece above dining tables, breakfast bars, or in lounge areas.


Projects featuring the Myriad Long Chandelier include those by Emily Del Bello Interiors in New York, Bita Interior Design in California, and TK Design. Tova Kook of TK Design recently modernized a dining room in Scarsdale, USA, selecting the Myriad Chandelier to serve as both a focal point and an anchoring element in the space, achieving a perfect balance.

50 CPW Highres 14
116 E68 Highres 11
DSZ 2399

Emma Montgomery, a New York-based interior designer, collaborated with the owners of a magnificent 1850s brick townhouse in Brooklyn Heights to remodel key areas of their home. They introduced a new paint, lighting, and furnishing scheme to revitalize the parlor floor, resulting in a bright, welcoming space ideal for entertainment and family gatherings.

As one approaches the townhouse, the living room is visible from the street and offers a first impression of the home. Here, an elegant, jewel-like custom Myriad lighting fixture complements both the historic architecture and the contemporary furnishings.

Myriad chandelier emma montgomery 1
Myriad chandelier emma montgomery

The London-based interior design studio Millier masterfully redefined a three-floor residence within John Nash’s architectural marvel, Regent’s Crescent, from 1820. Responsible for the interior architecture and styling, Millier's work on this distinguished residence has been widely acclaimed in design publications.

The design beautifully blends Regency period grandeur with nods to the Royal Societies and the era's innovative spirit, adding a modern twist for contemporary appeal. A Myriad chandelier, selected for the main living parlour, splendidly enhances the project’s aesthetic, enriching the mix of historical elegance and modern sophistication.

Millier London 3
MYRIAD AGOFC Millier London
Millier London 1

The Myriad Vertical Chandelier, featuring seven double-blown glass modules, offers a breathtaking cascading centerpiece ideal for stairwells. This chandelier is available in Gabriel Scott’s signature metal finishes—including satin brass, nickel, copper, bronze, and blackened steel—and can be customized to match any design preference.

The Myriad Wishbone Pendant light, perfect for bathroom vanity lighting or as a hallway feature, typically includes two double-blown glass modules, with a triple-module option frequently requested for added impact.

A custom Myriad Triple Pendant is showcased in a recent project by Minotti London for luxury residential developer Northacre and in bathroom feature lighting designed by Katya Fedochenko Architectural Bureau. The Myriad Wishbone Pendant appears in satin brass with double-blown alabaster white glass.

Myriad Double Pendant Light
Myriad Triple Pendant Light
Myriad Triple Pendant light 2
Gabriel Scott Myriad Pendants Lisa Kanning Interior Design

Elevate your space with the Myriad Lighting Series and bring the enchanting beauty of nature indoors, where light and artistry meet in a display of symmetry and brilliance.

Discover more about the Myriad lighting series and the products within the collection, here. Please get in touch with us should you wish to discuss customization options or a specific project.

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