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Case Study: Transforming an Arkansas Home with designer Casey Sarkin

14 June 2024
Project Inspiration

In the world of interior design, the transformation of space is akin to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. When a home undergoes a renovation, it's not just about the aesthetics; it's about reimagining the very way the space is experienced. This is the story of how an Arkansas home was completely transformed by the deft touch of designer Casey Sarkin, featuring the iconic Gabriel Scott Luna Kaleido Chandelier.

Client: Arkansas Family Residence

Design Firm: Casey Sarkin Interior Design

Project Focus: Warm Modern Home with Organic Elements


Casey Sarkin, a seasoned interior designer since 1997 and a member of ASID and ISD, leads the Arkansas-based Casey Sarkin Interior Design. The firm comprises a dedicated team of interior designers, project managers, and office staff who prioritize creativity, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail.Specializing in luxury residential design, they expertly guide clients from the architectural design phase to interior furnishings, curating spaces filled with valued art and collectibles, both vintage and new. Their goal is to create homes that feel uniquely personal and exude a sense of well-being.Project


The journey began with a vision. The homeowners desired a space that exuded modern elegance while maintaining the comfort and warmth of a family home. Enter Casey Sarkin, an interior designer known for her ability to infuse spaces with both style and substance. Casey Sarkin was tasked with designing a warm, modern home that seamlessly incorporates organic elements and natural materials. The objective was to add unique architectural elements to craft a one-of-a-kind family home.To realize this vision, Sarkin decided to incorporate standout pieces that would not only illuminate the home but also serve as focal points in their own right. Among these is the striking Gabriel Scott Luna Kaleido Light, centerpiece of the transformation.

Design Challenge

In the kitchen redevelopment phase, a key element was finding the perfect lighting to complement the custom steel vent hood and soften the overall space. The solution: Gabriel Scott’s Luna Kaleido 1 Tier Chandelier. This fixture was chosen for its artistic design and ability to add a reflective quality through its glass and colors.

After months of meticulous planning and execution, the renovation was complete. The result was nothing short of breathtaking. The home now stands as a testament to Sarkin's vision and skill, with each room telling its own story through the interplay of light and design.

The Luna Kaleido Chandelier

The Luna Kaleido 1 Tier Chandelier by Gabriel Scott is designed for infinite interpretations. Option B, which includes Cygnus and Aras glass beads, offers a variety of textures and colors. Casey Sarkin customized the fixture by selecting specific glass colors to harmonize with the natural elements in the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Designer's Insight

Casey Sarkin elaborates: “In this project, we used lighting as art. This Gabriel Scott piece was chosen because it could hold its own in a kitchen with several artistic elements.”

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