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Case Study: Nicole Fuller Interiors

03 March 2023

Nicole Fuller, founder and principal of Nicole Fuller Interiors, is an internationally acclaimed interior designer renowned for her artfully appointed, one of a kind residential and commercial spaces. A member of ELLE Decor magazine’s coveted A-List and Luxe magazine’s Gold List, Nicole’s work is synonymous with sophisticated, nuanced luxury, where attention to detail, savoir faire, and a cultivated eye culminate in spaces that are as singular as her clients.

Nicole designed this Greenwich Village home for a family of four from conception to completion, including curating the accessories and the art collection. Nicole summoned a modern interior with classic bones which she layered with antique finds.

GS: What Gabriel Scott items did you specify for this project & why?

NF: For this project, we needed something that would stand out as a centerpiece above Gabriel Scott's Dean Dining Table and be able to hold its own against the Yves Klein blue that we chose for the walls. We also wanted it to blend with the space and not distract from anything. Gabriel Scott creates timeless, versatile, and customizable designer lighting and furniture, the ones we chose for this project are intricate, but also simple. Since we created a space that was both grand and livable, the Welles pendant lighting offered a geometric design with a soft texture that helped add to that dichotomy of delicate and bold.

GS: How did you customize these pieces to work with the project?

NF: Since we had that lively blue on the two facing fireplaces, I really wanted to add balance to the space. Each pendant contains the neutrals used in the space and keeps the palette together. We customized the colors of the Welles Pendant lights to pick up on and play off of the other colors in the space. We also selected a frosted effect for the glass pendant lighting to delicately blend everything together.

“My clients are my muse and my greatest source of inspiration. ”

Nicole Fuller

GS: What do you look for in furniture when specifying for a project?

NF: I like to play with colors and shades in my projects. A lot of times, I’ll gain inspiration from a client’s wardrobe or art pieces that they own to create a personalized color palette. This affects the furniture pieces I’ll look for and select to help create a cohesive space that flows, the black steel and heather grey of the Long Prong Benches were specified and fit the hallway color pallette perfectly.

GS: How do you use lighting to elevate the spaces you design?

NF: Luxury light fittings serve as a fundamental accent to any room I create, it evokes mood and emotion. I choose designer lighting that will draw attention to certain details in a room and really tie that space together with vibrancy and sophistication.

GS: What was your favorite part of designing this project?

NF: Art, and how it brings life to a space, is an important part of an interior to me. I love working with my clients on growing their art collection and connecting them to new artistic discoveries used to create a home that this family will make memories in for years to come.

“I really enjoy working with my clients on the Art Curation for their space.”

Nicole Fuller 2

Project: Greenwich Village Residence

Designer: Nicole Fuller Interiors

Photographer: Mieke Ten Have

Gabriel Scott products featured:

Dean Dining Table, Custom Double Blown Glass Welles Pendant, Long Prong Bench.

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