Custom Material Application Form

Enter the 4 digit number to the right of the GSQ you were provided. For example, if you have GSQ1234, you would enter:
Example: Prong Long Bench x 1, Marx Stool x 2
Yardage Requirements: MARX Stool: 2 yards per stool PRONG Bench Short: 5 yards per bench PRONG BENCH Long: 5 yards per bench (railroad) COM yardage requirements listed on invoices are based on 54" plain goods
  • All shipments MUST include designer/client/item(s) and GABRIEL SCOTT GSQ# as reference, otherwise subject to delay
  • COM is cut and upholstered as closely as possible to the instructions provided on the swatch form (available after submit). If specific instructions are not provided, COM will be cut and upholstered at the discretion of GABRIEL SCOTT. GABRIEL SCOTT is not responsible for the tailoring qualities of materials submitted that may affect the application on GABRIEL SCOTT pieces or for flaws on materials received.
  • By submitting this form, you acknowledge and approve all terms indicated herein.